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Little Candles School

Giving opportunity to the children of Phrao

The Little Candles School consists of Nursery and Kindergarten catering to 200 students from 2-6 years old in the rural town of Phrao, 100km North of Chiang Mai. The school provides tri-lingual (Thai, English and Chinese) education to give the children the best start in life, thus enabling families to escape the poverty cycle and its associated dangers (such as child prostitution). 

School fees are maintained at an affordable price and scholarships given to disadvantaged students. Christian worship and teaching form the backbone of the school's ethos and practice. Besides 25 full time staff, the school also appreciates the help of missionaries and volunteers to provide the children with the love and teaching of Christ. 

Creativity and Imagination the key to a child's development

Developing a child's faith

The Little Candles School program uses the latest innovative teaching styles to develop the children. Although a non-profit rural school, our teachers are well trained with the latest educational skills that focus on child's play, crafts, songs, and even agricultural skills. Children at the school plant rice and strawberries, have fun with water play, and make appetizing snacks during cooking class. Acadmically, they are taught Maths, Thai, Science, International studies and learn English and Chinese as second languages.
The Christian faith forms the core and backbone of the school. The children engage in a Sunday style bible lesson taught by Christian staff and church workers once a week. On other days prayer and worship through songs are a key component of their daily activities. Teachers also attend devotional time, and Christianity courses for non-Christian staff. Our mission is not only to reach out to the children, but to the parents and staff of the school as well. 
  1. Christmas Outreach Concert
    Christmas Outreach Concert
  2. Summer waterplay
    Summer waterplay
  3. Mother's day awards to the top performing students
    Mother's day awards to the top performing students
  4. Cooking class
    Cooking class

Calling for Volunteers

Want to be a volunteer teacher? The school is constantly looking for volunteer English and Chinese teachers who enjoy working with children and are open to learning new skills. Teach language skills using games, songs, crafts and interactive activities. If you don't know how, we'll show you. But most especially bring the love of God with you to impart on them. Every Christmas especially, we need the  volunteers to help prepare the children with songs and a scripted drama of the Nativity story - be a stage managers, choir arrangers, choreographers, lighting and sound technicians, or help us in anyway to bring the true story of God's love in Jesus's birth to the community. Come along - you'll not only fall in love with the children, but you'll be amazed at what God is doing here.