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Longkord Community Centre

Developing a village of Longkord with the Word of God.

Deep in the valley of Phrao is the our Longkord Community centre which runs programs for the children once a week. The program consists of English and Chinese teaching, undergirded by a strong emphasis on the teaching of the bible. The children also engage in cooking and art classes. One Sunday a month the children invite their parents to join them for a worship service. 


God Loves You

Being in such a remote area and living in poverty, the children often lack the many opportunities that city dwellers are used to​​ . We help the children with fundamental learning skills, particularly discipline so that they can improve their attention span at school. Inherent in our method is also fun and play, hence guitar, cooking and art lessons form a large part of our program
The core of our approach is the fact that God loves the children. Jesus once said, "Let the children come to me because the Kingdom of God belongs to them." We teach this to the children and practice it in our attitude to the children and commitment to the program each week. The children sense the love and care that we give them - which often includes a nutricious and filling meal whenever we come. The parents also realize how much we love their children and our supportive of our program. We believe that in the long-run a genuine faith and relationship in Jesus will provide them with the best opportunities in life that academic teaching alone cannot give them.

  1. Learning English
    Learning English
  2. Cooking Class
    Cooking Class
  3. Washing dishes after meal
    Washing dishes after meal
  4. Teaching the bible
    Teaching the bible
  5. Sunday Worship
    Sunday Worship
  6. Our Longkord Team
    Our Longkord Team
  7. Guitar lessons
    Guitar lessons

Calling for Volunteers

Want to help out? We are always looking for volunteers to spend a "season" at the Surin Foundation's ministries in Thailand. You can help out at Little Candles School and Church and Longkord Projects.  Most work involves working with children - so be prepared to be climbed over, poked, and have kids sitting on your lap. Contact us for more information on being a volunteer!