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Child Sponsorship Program

Sharing God's love with children in need

The Surin Foundation sponsorship program provides scholarships to children from  disadvantaged backgrounds to study at the Little Candles School and beyond. The scholarship is a holistic program which not only provides financial support for schooling but also assists in medical costs and overal child development.

The program is run with Christian principles based on empowerment, opportunity, encouragement and love. Alongside their academic studies, the children are given the best opportunity to explore the Christian faith and a heart-felt relationship with God.

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A Partnership with the Parents

The Story of Bowie

The scholarship is based on the concept of a "partnership" between the church and the parents. We refrain from monetary hand-outs, but work with the parents through a long-term program to see their children reach their fullest potential.

Moreover, our workers carefully interview and check the background of sponsorship children and their families to ensure that those receiving the scholarships are those who really need it. 

Bowie is 3 years old and starting kindergarten at Little Candles School. She lost her father to a motorcycle accident when a drunk driver smashed his utility into him. That night she was waiting for her father to come home to join them for dinner, but he never came. Such a young girl just doesn't understand why she never sees her father anymore, but there are a lot of tears that show the hurt she is facing. We visited her at her home and offered her a scholarship to continue her studies. Her mother brings Bowie and her 6 year old brother to church. She is happy with the love that we have shown her family.
  1. Yosu (aged 5)
    Yosu (aged 5)
  2. Donut (aged 5)
    Donut (aged 5)
  3. Nut (aged 4)
    Nut (aged 4)
  4. Koon (aged 4)
    Koon (aged 4)

Calling for Sponsors

We are looking for generous sponsors who are willing to financially sponsor a child through the sponsorship program. Sponsorship gives an opportunity for a child and their families to know the love of Christ in a personal way. To start sponsoring a child, please down the application form and email scaned version to [email protected] Or submit your details below.

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